We cannot kindle when we will
The fire which in the heart resides;
The spirit bloweth and is still,
In mystery our soul abides.

by Matthew Arnold Click to read full poem

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Can't find any critical analysis of this poem ffs
Twas when the heavenly house I trod, And lay upon the breast of God.' i found the essence of the poem. Beautiful poem by Matthew Arnold.
I dont care of this thing what the heck
The verses about the life of workers, how hard they labor from dawn to dark to feed themselves and their families and how hard they work until they die... that is a powerful piece of writing. The hardness of that life doesn't leave time to follow other paths, to live life fully, Arnold is deeply concerned about the fate of the the human spirit which needs some kind of release or it too withers and dies....
In Nature's eye! ! Thanks for sharing.
An insightful poem about the moral nature of a man in family lives by the embrace of home is nicely said in all its true aspects by the critical observation of poet critic, Mr. Mathew Arnold!
Such a great write by Matthew Arnold👍👍👍
The lack of comments speak volumes about this poem.