Morbid Satanic Vampire

i am the one who lurks in the shadows
i am who your parents warn you about
i am the devil worshipper with too much make up
i am who children run in fear from
i am guided by the darker world
i am the one who has no friends
i am who gets betrayed too many times
i am the one that gets juged by her appearence
i am the one who cares when no one belives her
i am the one with a bad past and reputation
i am the morbid girl who draws pictures of death
i am madly in love but being hurt by my lover
i am mad, sad, upset, angry. every emotion in one
i am undead
i am who lives for the taste of blood
i am the one everyone talks bad about
i am the one you all fear
i am the morbid satanic vampire


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