More Accepting Of Their New Proposals

The presentation of information known today,
Is the same information presented...
As it had been yesterday.
The difference?
Those who chose not to listen yesterday,
Are feeling the effects of their ignorance.
But wish not to identify it as such!

And today they are trying to pretend...
They are the ones who had cautioned everyone,
About their extravagance and excesses.
They still wish to feed their greed,
Without it being noticed.

To do that on the same backs.
As if those who have been suffering historically...
Will be more accepting of their 'new' proposals!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Good to hear another of your wholesome truths. Enslave the young while you cripple the old is what Id call it. But you portray about the same. Nobody is willing to make a compromise even if its for the better of all the people. Not just a class, or group in a society. But eh I guess the ones greedy are of the weak, and the ones of poor are of the strong but dumb.