More Accepting Than Necessary

So many have come to live their lives,
More accepting than necessary.
And choosing to refuse,
To loosen their grips on doubts that visit.
As if confusion to permit,
Has become the only reason for them...
To exist with nonsense sought to seek it.

While others have chosen denial,
As a safe haven to stay.
With a hope of one day to be rescued,
From a truth that betrays...
Every lesson they have been taught to learn,
That threatens to fade all of their beliefs.
To allow themselves to sleep with fear.

And fear to promote and market,
Has many rushing...
To have their anxieties validated to qualify,
From their primary doctors glad to prescribe...
A medication that is just right,
That will keep the facts of life away...
On a regular basis.
Or at least a minimal 60 to 90 days.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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