More Adventurous

What is stated to interpret,
Depends on the mindset...
Of those exposed to various experiences.
Of course,
Those more 'mentally' adventurous...
With life experiences to openly expressed,
Will often find themselves opposed...
By the ones still relying upon,
That which they know...
From environments that are limited.
And collectively those living within them,
Become offended when their beliefs...
Leave them with limited interpretations.
Only to help develop more patience,
By those who come to comprehend...
Some folks have mindsets,
That have yet to expand.
With a consciousness that demands it.
And this is okay,
For those not delaying life to adventure.

'Your mind is 'somewhere',
We can not effectively judge or criticize.'

That's okay!
But I assure you,
I am not awaiting for your approval...
To affect my insights to accept them.
Nor can I myself explain,
Where this journey I have taken to embrace...
Will lead.
Like you...
I also seek clues.
I'm just a tool to be used.
That's it.
I don't have the 'expertise'...
Or an ability to impose,
A rating on what others compose.

'Your mind is 'somewhere',
We can not effectively judge or criticize.'

I know this.
But when has that ever prevented you from doing it?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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