More Are The People

More are the people.
To point fingers, whisper and gossip.
Living lives loving to tell lies.
And spread rumors on others.
Not to have met.
Yet assume and get upset.
When those same folks neglect,
To accept and respect 'them'...
For who they are.
Then one day to hear to another,
With mood and dramatic attitude.
Never to have met.
Or have the courtesy,
To introduce their performance.
"I know you ain't trying to ignore me.
Acting like you don't know nobody.
I was told you were like that.
By one of your relatives.
And that was just the other day.
Don't be looking all around.
I'm talking to you! "

Me? -

I apologize.
I'm so sorry.
I thought you were somebody else."

-I am.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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