More Arrogant Than Necessary

Remember a few years ago,
When folks 'with' good credit...
Use to brag about the number of cards,
They had.

'I have all the major ones!
And you? '


'None? Well...
I pride myself on maintaining good credit! '

I'm a true American.
Destined to have bad credit...
I guess!
And 'today' my bad credit prevented me,
From getting a credit card.

I did have one many years ago.
I never used it and was still stuck with a bill.
Charging me fees for 'non-use'.
Oh yes!

Now I've heard...
Not only have some folks experienced,
Tripled interests rates.
They are charged an additional fee...
IF less than two items are purchased in a single month.
AND...'if' the bank is not paid for those purchases,
Within thirty days...
That's another fee!

Years ago I frequented a store called Nellie's
On Canton Street in Hartford.
I was a kid.
But a child nonetheless.
It was rare for me to have money.
But I ended up in Nellie's talking with her.
And she'd give me a lollipop.
I was a child using my charm to the max.

One day I licked on a lollipop...
And Ms Nellie said, 'Two for Five cents.'

'I ain't got no five cents, Ms Nellie! '

~That's your last lollipop! ~

Where are they?
What have we done to those teachers?

Who stuck by a decision to feed addicting greed to folks?
Especially to the ones who ain't got no cash.
Or none laying around in a bank.
If 'they' did 'they' would not be closing them!

I demanded my account closed years ago.
And took all of my twenty dollars out!
The manager had stated...
I was 'acting' more arrogant than necessary.
'Excuse me?
Close my account! Now.
And that will be in 'twenty' one dollar bills...
Thank you! '

They are using 'my' money?
And pushing 'me' around like that?
I...don't think so!

I'm glad I did that earlier.
The thought of standing in a line,
'Waiting' to see if my life's savings are safe...
I don't have the patience anymore to do!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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