More Conducive

What are you doing?

'Watching people disgrace and destroy themselves.'

But why?

'At first it was accepted,
As something innocently done.
To prevent the ones from achieving success.
With it totally misunderstood,
How supporting one's success benefits all.
But kept envy and jealousies,
Have brought them to their knees.
Arguing amongst themselves,
That a unity is what they need! '

Where is their identity?
Or their display of dignity?

'That's what they dislike,
About the ones who show this displayed.'

'That's crazy.'

That has already been expressed to them.
You want to sacrifice your life,
With expressing that again?

'I don't get it.'

I'm not trying to.
But I have been accused by them,
Of not supporting their efforts.
To have my own ignored.
You know?
Why should I think or have the nerve,
To believe I'm better than anyone else.

'That's crazy.'

I know.
But I find it more conducive,
To a keeping of my peace of mind.
Although I must admit,
Watching them are lessons I have received...
I could never afford to pay for.

'Maybe I should stand here with you.'

I'd be honored if you use my pad and pen.

'You only have a few pages left.'

Don't worry about it.
I carry extra pads and pens.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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