Travel Along! -Sonnet-

Poem By Manjeshwari P MYSORE

There is always a price to pay.
Of some kind.
Even the slightest offense,
Done by one that affects another...
Maybe forgotten not to mention again.
But the smallest lesson,
One accepts and expects...
As easy to ignore with it to forget,
Might be the lesson to return...
The greatest impact.

'Remember the time you laughed at me?
When I said I would succeed,
With a doing you told others...
Was an impossibility,
For a fool like me to believe? '

~I didn't mean it, that way.~

'I meant it, that way.
And today,
Your portrayal of a fool...
Is much more convincing,
Than the one you told others I had been.
And to do it not as comfortably,
As your laughter was done then...
When directed at me and with such ease.'

~To forgive and forget has its benefits.~

'You must have overheard me saying that,
In between your jokes and laughter?
But that benefit to receive was meant for me.
And more convincing to validate you've made it.'

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Definitely a price has to for any action. Wonderful drafting shared here.

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