More Deliberately Taken

Steps done to make,
Seem more deliberately taken...
When aging is accepted.
And one identifies without exception,
Exactly the direction they are headed.

'Would you like some assistance? '

~Are you asking because you perceive me as 'old'?
Or are you asking me that question,
Because I appear to be in some kind of need? ~

It seems you are trying to get inside of the store,
Through an exit door. It's not going to open.
And the automatic 'entrance' door is to your right.
Over here. I'm standing in front of it.'

~Good for you.
I'm not trying to do either.
I happen to be looking for a friend.~

Your 'friend' wouldn't happen to be,
That person calling you from the parking lot?
Perhaps you thought you heard them calling you,
From inside? Maybe? '

~You kids think you have all the answers.
Well, you don't.
I happen to be looking for another friend, thank you.
So I will go wait in the car and 'we' will decide,
Just how long that wait will be.
Are you ~

I came here to go inside the store.'

**We all did.
Are you two through holding us up.**

I'm sorry.
I was just trying to do a good deed.
That's all.'

**Both of you have the ENTRANCE
'And' the EXIT blocked. MOVE.**

Sure, go ahead.
Blame it on the elderly.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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