More Direct And Left Personal

What do you think of the 'conclave'?

'The what?
The who? '

The black and white smoke?
The election of the 'Pope'?

'Oh yes.
Those interpreting,
What it is God wishes.
And who among them is best to listen,
To what it is God wants...
With a hearing done that convinces,
Worshippers will follow with a doing done.
But had been reluctant to do,
In the past four to five hundred years?
So now they are hoping to elect someone,
With bigger ears? '

You are totally misunderstanding this procedure.

The pomp and circumstance,
With the expense of the pageantry...
And the spectacle that is addressed,
Should impress.'

But what about your faith and beliefs?

'Hopefully my relationship with God,
Will remain unaffected...
Since the blessings I've received,
Have always come to me direct.
My prayers are heard and I obey as I listen.'

'And if your prayers are not heard,
What then? '

'I leave that to God.
I am not going to retire from my commitment.
Or my devotion of God.
That would make me a hypocrite!
Wouldn't it? '

You are taking this to a whole different level.

'And to what level should I take my faith to?
To answer your question.
I have no opinion of the 'conclave'.
My faith I like to keep less complex.
More direct and left personal.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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