More Expensive It Gets

Millions spent on one event.
For the purpose to entertain,
Those whose lives...
And the quality of them to live,
Will, undoubtedly, remain unchanged.
Although to witness this event to pick,
Who wins to eventually forget...
The hype that had been marketed,
To maintain customs to further empty pockets...
Of those who continue to believe,
Their fading values stay unaffected...
By those who represent,
The best of kept hypocrisies.

'Comeon. Lighten up.
It's just one game.'

~I know this.
But more expensive it gets,
Every four years.
This same game played.
And at such a high cost.~

'It's the Super Bowl.
What do you expect? '

~I'm talking about the election.~

'What election? '

~The Presidential election? ~

At least with the Super Bowl,
There is a clear winner.
And that other game to be played...
Losers will continue to accept,
Their losses.
Regardless of the promises made.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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