(26 DEC 1943 / Wyandotte MI)

*more Gnu Ones

After a grueling but fulfilling spring I'm back trying to smith a few words.

Should I send out messages to all of you with the new titles saying Read ME, Read ME, Read ME NOW Nah! If you read them fine, if not 'live long and prosper' anyway.

Here's the new stuff:

Terror in her Eyes (capture of Sacagawea)
A Many Splintered Thing
Autumn Breezes (Senyru)

13 Mountain Epigrams
Welcome to My Casino
Frodo and David
Home from the Sea
Independence Day
Summer Day on the Current
A Podium Credo

What's gnu with you?

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At the dropp of a gnother hat? Gno gno gno, this is a Robert Howard gnu. Clever prompt! Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
no gnus is good gnus
Robert, I'm reading this for the first time. The message is still valid and I had to laugh. Thanks.
I should probably do more research, to determine if the suite worked. I'm pretty sure I rode the steamboat. Lovely photo, too. Meta-poetic, as if the conductor stepped outside the orchestra pit during the pianissimo beginning of the overture and shotgunned the sot in the front row who is unwrapping a peppermint, and plans a good long nap during the performance - poetic justice, or a new art form? No jury would convict an artist who did not care for emails begging for attention. Seven poems. Seven seas, seven planets, seven days, seven elevens. - Will
enjoyed reading this. A pleasure to read.
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