(04 October 1943 / Germany)

More Haiku Practice

A sniffer doggie
went to the outback outhouse
the door was bolted.

A man named Booman
was asked to write a poem
he is still trying.

We have a photo
a close-up of Bonsales
she is Miss Piggy.

The Pope is German
but does he eat spaghetti
or Leberknoedel?

My best Mercedes
does hardly wear its tyres
if flies and hovers.

What is a billy
it is a goat so smelly
that he can't stand it.

She blinked her lashes
at both the traffic coppers
they took no notice.

On Poemhunter
there are some troublemakers
they have no talent.

Mycinda Creston
from England's Happy Valley
writes brilliant poems.

There was a Zooman
who ran the monkey shelter
became a monkey.

He dreamed of peeing
he had to go so badly
so pee he did then.

And God was angry
he raised his index finger
and sent me thunder.

In West Australia
there lives a talentsheila
boy does she know it.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

A little confused by some of these yet some are very well written!
Talent lingers on The crest of a wave briefly But for just how long? xx Gyp's
A 'one' is proper to give to real poets if you can't cut it. Haiku to fit this one. H