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More Is True
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More Is True

Somewhat sad and more is true,
I never know quite what to do,
Is God my sole and only truth?
Is life and death just years apart?
Is dreaming nothing more than thought?
Is life the sum of what we bought?
Is the world so cruel, or am I bitter?
Do I even know what I believe?

Yes, somewhat sad and more is true,
Sometimes it’s all that I can do
To make it through another hour
To not curse God for our sorrow,
To cling to faith to prop me up,
To drink the wine of the wrathful cup,
To scream the world has all gone crazy!
As tears burn lines into my face.

Yes, somewhat sad and more is true,
Our wonder here is all to few,
The glistening world of my youth,
The exciting silver tarnished green,
The hope I had now laid to waste
The golden idols so much paste.
The girl grown old and body broken,
What can the days and years all mean?

Yet, not so sad and more is true,
My very purpose here is you,
You are my soul my very joy
You are the love that conquers hate,
You are the truth, the life, the way,
You even taught me how to pray.
You said to seek and I would find find,
A love so pure it saved mankind.

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Comments (3)

Thanks Allan & Theodora, you really know how to make a girl feel at home. I am so happy to be here. Thank you from my heart.
you have gained more grace since you went away, your writing is still pure and beautiful to read, a skill possessed by a few chosen people With a warmth allan
This is probably the best that I have ever seen you write, and i mean that! This is beautiful, thought provoking, and a place where i have been! Theo