MC (03/10/90 / detroit, mi)

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Is the relationship really true
are we Alicia and usher and your my boo
but just not together to collaborate
or make a song
more like
make music all night long
more like
spending long quietful hours on the phone
more like
I taste everything that’s on your tongue
like yeah I don’t even care,
more like
I just come back from retirement like Jordan for the love of the game
more like
Beyonce, 'crazy in love' but I’m trying to be insane
more like
I’m pinky and your brain and no matter how much thoughts u do
you just know, you couldn’t take over the world if it's just you
will and Jada
more like
like chun-li and Vaga
because I was giving you that street fighter and I Guiled a sonic boom
more like
a witch with no broom
or like Snopp without doggy dogg
it just don’t make sense
more like
a tic-tac commercial with gum and no mints
damn that don’t ever make sense
but something that do make sense is
I don't feel right without you
not saying that I love you or need you
because I don’t need a soul
just more like
without you mine
has a whole!


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Man! I dig your style if this is your poetry rap on.
This is really good you know! Have you ever performed your poems / rap? You should. Ruthy