(04 October 1943 / Germany)

More Loveable Limericks

A boy who was waiting for Santa
was engaging in innocent banter
with his sister Louise
who was such a big tease.
All this happend in ancient Atlanta.


Five AM and the male Easter Bunny
hides the eggs though it is a bit funny.
If he drops five or six
in the blackberry sticks,
over easy they are a bit runny.


On the bridge of his boat stood the Skipper
with a stainless steel wide open zipper.
He was eyeing a wave
when an elderly slave
yelled 'I think I am seeing a ripper'.


There was an LT ten-eleven
which flew with its wing touching Heaven,
thus it didn't seem odd
when the pilot saw God
but he did keep the engines revvin'.


When I drove my Mercedes Benz
due to snow through a picket fence,
in the town of Detroit
but no airbag deployed.
I haven't seen winter snow since.


Far be it that I should now brag
or place on my body a tag.
But on closer inspection
and considered reflection....
It's a humdinger duffle bag.


In the mirror I saw myself nude,
and I do not intend to be rude.
But my wide open eyes
could not take in the size,
so I mumbled 'By God, what a dude'.


A big vessel is called a ship
designed for an oversea trip.
So, don't call it a boat
or it won't stay afloat.
Pay heed to this pertinent tip.


In the turbulent town of Chicago
lived the brother of Dr. Shivago.
He was taking a break
sailing Michigan Lake.
But he called it 'Chicago Lago'.


In the hilly town of San Franciso
many juveniles frequent the disco.
And near Alcatrez Jail
you spot many a sail.
Many householders cook with white Crisco.

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some of these are really clever. i enjoyed them. Jake