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More Of A Need Than A Want
TS (4/26/87 / Indianapolis)

More Of A Need Than A Want

I wish I had a dollar for everytime a tried,
Or preferably a kiss that never winded or died,

In return my life to serve,
The one I love but still don't deserve,

Trying to cage a cat's impossible,
Sorry but mistakes are unstoppable,

I've heard horrible words, but still felt that feeling,
It's the one you get when you discover true healing,

That bold sensation that's just without phrase,
Your inside's on fire, your eyes a purple haze,

It seems to be neverending, but in the end it does,
Your never the one that is it, but always the one that was,

I need something in the present, but I need your warmth at night,
If somehow you could be both, I'd have and end to this stupid fight,

But if not theirs no worries, cause one day I'll have her,
As long as she's unwilling, and starts the chase so I'll go after.

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