More Precious Than Gold

Tonight at the airport, as we bid our last good-byes.
I felt your kisses linger.. I can recall your worried eyes.
Then you grabbed my coat, pulled me down,
whispering breathlessly in my ear..
'Always think of me, today..tomorrow, and everyday,
and do it with a smile! '

Then later from the lobby, I watched your airplane go.
Though that's only been three hours..
It seems like so much more..
So I'm counting every minute, 'til you walk back in that door

Thank you for being alive, and being so real..
You speak your thoughts frankly,
you always say what you feel.
So now I know..God still listens,
and remembers everything too,
because He answered all my prayers..
and His answer was you.

Your loving ways are priceless,
they could never be sold..
Baby you've made me a rich man,
you're more precious than gold.

Now I catch myself smiling..
with sweet thoughts running through my mind,
because in just two more days,
it's your tight embrace that I'll find.

The kids have really missed you..
they were good, and didn't fight.
So I've sent them on a short vacation..
you're all mine the first night!

I'm a happy man, with a family plan..
you're more precious than gold..

(California 27 Oct 2000)

by Robert Ratts

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