More Precious Than Gold

I thank God each and every day
That He directed you my way
You are more precious to me than gold
I pray to God your love I can hold
There is no doubt about our love
Our eyes sparkle like the stars above
My heart starts to pound when I think of you
It's like my life has been born anew
My heart hurts when I think you're upset with me
I am so scared you will go on and let me be
You make the world stop when I'm with you
Our love for each other is so pure and true
I love your touch and our hearts entwined
This woman is happy to know you are mine
You are the only man that sets my heart on fire
It was you I searched for and the only man I desire
I've shared every season of the year with you
Yet every single day with you seems brand new.

by Shirley A. Munsinger

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