WM (24 oct 48 / n.j.(usa))

More Sexually Sequacious Stuff

You taunt my days and haunt my nights
with the feigned offer of innocence;
filling me with awe at the might of alluring need,
and the pleasure of teasing fingers rake,
which so eagerly spread slightly to tease.

Senses remorseless with waining restraint,
a naked knowing smile
with beguile so sinfully offered,
silently beats me to my knees...
towards an unexplored pit
of worship and shame.

Two alone as one with all secrets dead;
Slain by yield to command of probing desire,
to find in the dim light of submission
conquering eyes reflecting some grand fulfillment...
and uncountable volumes spoken with but a lasting sigh;
to echo through all eternity, but never to fade.

All that can be known or felt does endure ineradicable,
as lustful treasure sequestered somewhere...

yet somehow a threat irrepressible,
free for recall, to fondle and suckle as solace...
the temptations reward as sole regret.

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Comments (4)

I sit here at my desk, stunned into silence in awe of this poem, it says everything in a limited use of actual words for certain things it lets the mind interpert (forgive mispelling) the unsaid words.... well done
The content is of course gripping in itself, but I'm open mouthed here at the exquisite selection of phrasing, and more specifically of individual words. This has been a labour of love (sorry) I'm sure given the precision of the language and the controlled progression of the poem. Remarkable poetic craft on display in this one! !
Far be it to interrupt brotherly bonding...but, this work is eloquent, images to the point, tantalizing with who this someone is, yet, it is clear with deep, emotional impact. To be immortalized in a man's feelings like this? I'd be the first in line! ! ! In the rain, snow, etc. Great writexxxElysabeth
We must be long lost brothers....! ! ! Great writing...., kind of like someone I know....! ! ! Best, T.M..