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More Syrians Lay Dead
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

More Syrians Lay Dead

More Syrians now lay dead
As the news had said,
Now the people of the United States are cheering
Those Syrians they will no longer be fearing,
No more hatred or the shaking of their fist
Now those Syrians are all on God's list,
God now extends his accepting hand
From heaven, they will not be banned,
They were hated when they came to the states
Protestors told them to go back to accept their fates,
The President and his supporters hated them all
He and them were glad that they did fall,
And when they were gassed, and then died
Tears from our President or his supporters were not cried,
Now they said it was terrible news to hear
But, in the past they gave them no compassion for their fear,
So, in sadness with shame and pity I do cry
To the many sad souls to which I will say goodbye,
While the rest of the world does contemplate and weep;
I hope that the President and his supporters can't sleep.

Randy L. McClave

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