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More Than Life Itself
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More Than Life Itself

I love you more than life itself
Is that so much of a crime,
To say for you, I’d do all I could
Even if it meant for me to live or die.
If you’d ask me to climb a mountain
I would ask you only how high
And if you asked me to swim the ocean,
Into the sea I would surely dive.

I love you more than words can say,
Even more than the the words that I write
You’d have to enter my soul, to feel love flow
Then my words you would never deny.
I would give you my heart for yours to start
I would give you my eyes for you to cry
I would give you all I had for you to live,
And if you asked for it, All I would surely give.

I love you more than man could believe,
Even more than any man could wish,
And this mans wishes came true, when I met you
Then my life became yours, when we kissed.
I would do without all for you to smile
I would give up my freedom for you to dream
I would do anything for you to wish and laugh and have
As nothing is to much from what I have seen.

I love you more than any woman could hope
I love you that much, today, tomorrow and forever,
So what ever that I might do, I do it for you
And never, to you could I say never.
I dream alone so that you can dream more,
I walk alone so that you can run,
And when the Earth shall bury me away one day
Its greatest love, will finally be done.

Randy L. McClave

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