More Than My Madre

The breath of air that breathed on me
and pushed me to move onward through the storm,
The warm embrace that protected me
From the bitter realities of facing life, alone.
More than a madre
More than a friend
A cup of coffee always ready
Ears with disposition to collect my many stories,
A heart that listened and understood.
You're more than a mother,
You're more than a friend
We laugh together, We inspire each other,
We share secrets, speak the truth without shame.
You're the prayer that keeps my feet strong
walking upon the crumbling scenarios of my time.
You are
more than a madresita,
more than a teacher, more than a counselor,
You are more than beautiful and much more
than too wonderful for the words in my mind,
You are my madre,
And I thank God
You are mine.

by Angeline Santiago Duran

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nice one Angeline, fantastic poem