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More Than Words Cannot Explain (What I Feel)
FF (1-22-94 / kenya, africa)

More Than Words Cannot Explain (What I Feel)

Poem By Faduma Fiasco

this love that we have it is so strong
its a good thing we know where we both belong
i was lovesick you were above it we were the couple no one could mess wit
you did your thing and i did mine but whenever i needed you,
you always had the time
and all dem girls they were green with envy cause i was with you
remember we always use to mess wit them by me calling you boo
man, those were the days we could always talk and chill on top of our secret meriwealther hill
people thought that we wouldnt last
but boy were they wrong we proved
that our love was indeed very strong
our wedding was wonderful wish y'all were there but there was no haters allowed so you didnt even dare
couple of years kept on leaving but i couldnt believe what i was seeing i kept on runnin from the sickness i knew you were becoming
you loved me and i loved you but what oh what could we both do
we fought it and fought it but it always came back my loved one was dying but our love will always last
Finally the day came you went to a better place i will never forget the look on your face and the last words you said to me: 'i love you becuz U were always there believe it or not but yes, i did get scared of all the times i thought you'd leave me but now look at the way you see me
i love you babe with all of my life and i am soo happy i made you my wife! ! ! ! '
and then he passed away the man of my dreams yes, the story turns sad as it may seem
We proved that death could not break our beloved bond yes, homey our love is mighty strong! ! !

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i like it its really good
i enjoyed readin your poem, keep writting :) it was crunk