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More Then Love
WL (11/24/1949 / Staten Island, New York)

More Then Love

More then this heart could tell you
More then words could ever say
You are more then I ever asked for
And you are with me here today
More then those precious moments
That seem to slip on by
More then the laughter that we share
Or the tears we sometimes cry
More then a smile that greets you
Or the open arms that reach
More then loves lessons learned
My heart will surely teach
More then a kiss could ever mean
Till our lips did touch
The wonder of love is more then this
And I love you very much
More then loves warm secrets
That only we can share
Embraced by the love within us
And the warmth residing there
More then words could tell you
More then a gentle touch
When you look at me closely
Your eyes will see
I love you very much

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Twelve times you spelled then incorrectly. Must have been under a spell. Also, could you try to be a smidgen more original. This is a bit like a parrot poem. Best H