RS (29/07/1970 / Sheffield)

Morehall Reservoir

I love to walk along this peaceful lake
Just listening to the lapping water and the sound the geese make
Sometimes down the steps so much water does cascade
Other times its peaceful and a splash is seldom made
Trees stand tall and proud watching waves gently play
Boats wait patiently covered up until the regatta day
A fisherman stands in the water waiting for his monster catch
Meanwhile on the shore, some baby ducklings hatch
Generations of children go foraging for hard round conkers
Geese compete to see which ones are the loudest honkers
Everywhere you look wild flowers are in bloom
Its mother natures way of chasing away the gathering gloom
Just sitting on a seat watching the world go by is a beauty to behold
Poetic inspiration can flow in the stillness, this is what we're told
In the early evening you can hear the owls call
All this is on the doorstep over at Morehall
The natural scent of pine lingers in the woods
If you want to feel relaxed this walk comes up with the goods
Take a while to appreciate the nature that surrounds
A perfect day can be had by all in these peaceful stomping grounds
The quack of a duck and the buzz of a bee
Just two things to hear as you walk on with glee
People pass by and say a cheery hello
Enjoy peaceful moments, warm, soft and mellow
All is calm now on this gentle rippling pond
My head is now filled with memories so fond

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