Sadism & Masochism

Leg Shake heart quivers rib cage begins to contract
While sweat glides down my temple
And a reservoir develops in my pants where panties should be
Punch me then ask R U OK?
While my body pulsates for an RKO
Wrap your arms around my rib cage Like an alcoholic grips a beer
Reverse haimleck maneuver
Bring me to death
I'll be your rainbow
Punch me til my skin is purple
Bite me til I'm red
Choke me til I'm blue
Til my eyes fill up with a twisted sense of strength
Proud of being in control of my own pain
Anorexic the only cure is pain
Binge eating your lovely words
But not yet able to digest
Eyes welling up
As you press on my larynx
The more you speak the more you take my breath away
Baby hold me I'm scared
Flashbacks from those nights
Memories I thought were suppressed
Eyes wide open I can only see In The dark
But you illuminate my world
All this goodness I'm not used to
You're not God but you've given me sight
Showing me the light in me I could never see
Mending the wounds of a 'broken' child
Telling her she was never broken in the first place just slightly bent
Giving her the sweet satisfaction of pain
But only physical
While you lock onto her soul
Building back the spirit that many have tried to break
Keeping her eyes wet
As she gets wetter
Passion encompasses all the pain

by Kendra Renee

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Nice form, but again it bumps along and stops me from really feeling your words. Make it flow like a kiss.