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NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)


Poem By Not Long Left

Vacant stare, are you there?
dark inside so much to scare.
Gaze out your window,
a childs happy face,
you turn away in jealous disgrace.
why do they smile,
why do you care,
you lost the love of life,
when the illness stripped you bare.
The sun shines down,
it seems only on you,
you wait to smile, like waiting in queue.
lost in a world of selfish rage,
whilst we read you file,
land linger over each detailed page.
scared of life, but afraid to die,
whilst we sit there,
trying to figure out why.

T.V talks to you,
people wont,
Radio educates,
people dont.
Daddy couldnt love,
so nor can you,
muumy had a break down,
you painted your world blue.
Four walls help imprison, your thoughts,
days since you last stepped out,
the air you breathe is the devils breath,
the life you lead is bleaker than death.
Nail bitting, head splitting,
hand shaking, finger gripping,
used, abused, confused,
a better life, is old news.

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