SH (01 may 1962 / U.S.A.)

Morning Aspirations

So many people
want to know,
Where has God gone?
Can you prove He/She is real?

Feel the warmth of the sun
The cool of clear moving water
Hear the song of bird
And wind
Know the strength and presence
Of mountain and tree
Understand a moment of love
Unwarranted, unconditional, unsuspected.

When night comes -as it will-
Sun goes down
Waters are far away from our sleep
Birds and wind silent
Mountains and trees go unseen
And love rests;
They are not gone.

Seen or unseen
Known or unknown
Aware or unaware
They are still there, awaiting
The sun to rise again.

Night is mourning.
Sunrise is morning.
Proof that God exists?
I can offer none.
But, aren't these subtle hints
Worthy of consideration?

by Smoky Hoss

Comments (4)

All knowing, all powerful, almighty, all loving God is alive and still has everything under control. As always, I enjoyed reading your poem.
I love your descriptive words of Natures beauty that are free yet some never do see~ having their heads filled with money and profit...and destroying our God given beauty on land, in the sea, and the stars in the sky....Must we really wonder why? Great poem.
I love how you express your thoughts in this...with such beautiful descriptions of Nature ♥ and all the free gifts some never do see~
Night time is at least as inspirational to me. Physical reality is indeed wondrous.