Morning Dialogue

Poem By Windsor Guadalupe Jr

My body was shaken with tremors
And I can feel the sheets undulating.
In this vast sea of writhing dreams,
I am submerged in the subterfuge
Of the undoing.
And you ask me how I was,
And I told you that
I have been passed on through
Unconscious states -
I was drunk with somnolence still,
And you are the dew that drops
Onto the mouths of seductive grasses.
I was dazed with the promise of the evening,
And now, skulking within the premises
Of the sober morning.
Nothing has been said,
And we have been meddling too long with
Silence, distance and enmities.
You epitomized the faces I have forgotten
In a dream.
You have lunged from trees as high as my flaws,
And pounced to a lull garden of rampaging crimson.
The birds guffaw in unison,
I can feel the currents rise upon the neck of land -
Her neck, of course,
Pressing lightly, my currents
Directed by the ambivalent zephyr
These morning dialogues never do much
But only cause a downpour to my face
Protruding down south.
You uttered good bye
And I was too reticent -
I slept with the voice
Playing in myriads

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