A Given Word

A promise. . . my promise to you. . . is to devote my
life to you. . . devote my love to you. All I ever wish for
. . . all I ever want back is your love, your heart. . .
not your soul. A promise. . . my promise to you. . . is to give you,
what your heart desired. . . and that is the compassion
and to be needed once more. The time has come for you to reap the rewards, that you
have put in. . . you have given. . now it's time to receive
those rewards for the time you have put in. You desire the world and the world will give you and
show you, your just rewards. . . my love the world is now
yours. . . so take and enjoy the rewards. This is my promise to you. . . with all my love.

by Anthony Taimanglo Taitano


Comments (4)

Gotta have that Joe n' bagel; then all is right with the world. Thanks for the morning laugh! Good thing I ate first.........
Yes, now the feeling. Patricia
Yeah, I can relate. But then, be grateful you don't live in Faluja. That should put a slight smile on your face.
Story of my life, Davey! ! ! Sweetly, Gina.