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R.I.P. Cousin

A beautiful summer day
The phone rings
Diaster STRIKES! ! !
Family begins to cry

My cousin is dead
The pain and suffering so hard to bare
Why my cousin?
We were so young

The tears hit my shirt like bullets
The yelling and screaming sound like thunder
What did i do to deserve this?

Although that im not with you
Know that i will always love you
The memories we had will be forever
And in them we will be together

Keep them close to your heart
And always no that we will never part
I love you my cousin i will never forget
And for that i will never regret

BYE! ! !

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Write comment. Beautiful poetry on nature, Bisy. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks
These flowers seem to have borrowed the cerulean blue of the sky and they are star shaped! Your comparison is so apt! A lovely poem with a lovely image to accompany it! A sure 10
good poetry blooming glory now do read my moms story MOM'S SMILES Advance thanks
the space inside the buds is enough to bloom out silently, , , , , , , , , the petals wrinkled not because of holding tight but the melting snow inside the space! right? I appreciate your style of presentation