MH (10/13/1990 / )

Morning Glow

My eyes awake to a morning glow,

bestow a lantern that guides me to your home.

From the garden, I whistle your sweet melodies,

strum from a guitar and a voice so lovely.

My guide, the keeper of my heart, glistens in the autumn sun,

who lays between the folds of the grass and the dew from which he drinks.

I float towards his bed, to part his lips with a sensual kiss.

His hands run through my back and cusp my hips,

pulling me closer to his; I do not dare to reject his wish.

Undressed, wrapped in white sheets, he pleads I meet and become one with him.

I arrange my limbs, draped around his soft skin; I kiss every inch, to forsake the off-putting world.

And when it is done, I slip my hands around your face, to capture the blissfulness of your yearning.

I am learning the tribulations of this earth, for the rich and the so-called wise despise people like you and me.

We fear the coming of a Babylon day, where we will be forced to forget our freedoms.

Tell me this is not real; tell me it's not happening my dear.

Rest with me under thick trees, which nourish us with fruits and clothe us with leaves,

which shelters us from the storms and the hot sun-My one, we can survive this.

And we will exist among the all-knowing men, who strive to inform the sheep that wander the streets.

We can't forget to save the brothers who will listen to the legitimacy of our thoughts.

I bathe in your sweet smell and lavish in your succulent splendor; your beauty has me going for days.

I anticipate each day after the next, when you are gazing at me, may not words describe my inner feelings.

Speak to me with those gasping sapphire eyes, touch me with those charming chops of yours, and nibble softly with a brush to my heart.

It may be forever, it may be for now, but today is where we live, so let's do the best we can.

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