Who would water our flowers?
Who would water our grain?
Who would water our fields and trees
If God didn't send the rain. We wouldn't have no flowers
We wouldn’t have no grain
We wouldn't have no field or trees
If God didn't send the rain. The rain is raining all around
It falls on field and trees
It rains on the umbrellas here
And on the ships at sea We wouldn't need no umbrellas
We wouldn't have no trees
We wouldn't have no fields or grain
And ships wouldn't sail the seas. Thank you Lord for sunshine; Thank you Lord for sunshine
Thank you Lord for grain; Thank you Lord for fields and trees;
Thank you Lord for rain!

by Evangelist Essie M. Jones

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I also love the morning, although I settle for coffee and toast. If I partook of Joanne's cigarette I fear I would get nothing done, seems like wacky backy sprinkled with angel dust and my muse is so fleet of foot, I must forgo the distraction.
I love morning wake up about four and breath the air in, it is so fresh and clean no environmental pollutants from cars or machines running. Morning yes a beautiful time. Sometimes I wish all of life could be like that waking up in the arms of love