I once stood upright but was
Pulled down by some words
That flattered me.
I know very well the cause-
The tactful spoken words
Of flattery.

I was a bird flying high
Until a net came to claim me,
I was caught.
I tried with all my might
To go and become free.
Alas! I remained caught.

Unmoved, paralyzed, still I laid
On the mercy of the hunter.
I was so afraid, so quiet.
I quietly listened to what he said
I am a man-made wonder
So precious yet so light!

To be modest, I was made
Overconfident, new born king
Destined to the crown.
But so untrue was what he said
Yet I foolishly following
Him, I fell down.

by Ketan Hukare

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I also love the morning, although I settle for coffee and toast. If I partook of Joanne's cigarette I fear I would get nothing done, seems like wacky backy sprinkled with angel dust and my muse is so fleet of foot, I must forgo the distraction.
I love morning wake up about four and breath the air in, it is so fresh and clean no environmental pollutants from cars or machines running. Morning yes a beautiful time. Sometimes I wish all of life could be like that waking up in the arms of love