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Morning Kiss.
EA Eman Awad (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Morning Kiss.

It's like every one has some thing unique,
some thing only his.
And knowing what is it about you i seeked,
to realise you are the morning kiss.
A kiss so velvet and also tender,
leaving a shining pearl of dew.
And finally my heart came to surrender,
and my all shouted i'm in love with you.
What is it with you, attracting me?
and slowly making me lose the sleep.
A force stronger than gravity,
invading my heart so deep.
Suddenly i fell without a warning,
and i started to miss you so.
I'm in love, kiss of the morning,
love me back or let me go.
Maybe if we weren't meant to be,
i'll cry and carry on.
But some thing will come back at me,
whenever i witness dawn.
Because the warmness in your arms,
is like the very first sun rays.
And you are a sun and a galaxy of stars,
shining in my heart always.
You are my love, that i confessed,
i'm lost in your smile and lost in you.
I'm the only one who was kissed,
by a beautiful morning and love so true...

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