The Wandering Fado

Soft music proffering backdrop
in a tongue peculiarly diverse

It were some sort of a ballad
with the words woven in verse

Couldn't grasp what it projected,
just felt some sense profound

It traversed beyond the restrictions,
free spirited and totally unbound

The voice were mesmerizing,
emanating from deepest of core

Unheard of from earlier on
but seemed familiar from before

The song though just fleeting
but held me in such an enthrall

I got lost in my soul's essence
in a state transcendental I recall

Blessed be the possessor
of the gift celestially conferred

That wanders beyond the borders
and by language is not deterred

by Sunny Chopra

Comments (1)

(Morning-Land - Poem by Siegfried Sassoon.) Beautiful and rich. I can see the depth in this brief poem.