Losing Lights Light That Lights The Way

I dreamed I was running.
the more I ran the less I travelled,
I saw the Light,
that Light,
The True Light
but is receded

I felt the tears of regret.
my soul wept,
for it longed for the light.
leaden feet dragged me down
and the Light,
that Light,
True Light

I woke in cold dawn.
a longing in my being,
such sadness.
this I have never felt before,
and I longed
for the Light,
that Light,
The True Light.

So now my soul's in turmoil,
for ever seeking,
deep within the universe.
deep with in the time continuum.
the Light,
That Light,
The True Light.

Sometimes, rarely,
in the works of man
or the words of poets,
sometimes, I see
the Light,
that Light,
The True Light
and I am comforted

by Andy Brookes

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HAHA! To a bride, morning of the wedding day is the end of the world! Ha!
Awesome I like this poem
lot of meanings beautiful poem.
.......interesting thoughts and definitions...
I'm learning english by myself so that i can read Emily Dickonson' poems, i can't understand Brides—an Apocalypse—and Worlds—a Flood— What are they mean? please
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