'Morning' Means 'Milking' To The Farmer


'Morning'—means 'Milking'—to the Farmer—
Dawn—to the Teneriffe—
Dice—to the Maid—
Morning means just Risk—to the Lover—
Just revelation—to the Beloved—

Epicures—date a Breakfast—by it—
Brides—an Apocalypse—
Worlds—a Flood—
Faint-going Lives—Their Lapse from Sighing—
Faith—The Experiment of Our Lord

by Emily Dickinson

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HAHA! To a bride, morning of the wedding day is the end of the world! Ha!
Awesome I like this poem
lot of meanings beautiful poem.
.......interesting thoughts and definitions...
I'm learning english by myself so that i can read Emily Dickonson' poems, i can't understand Brides—an Apocalypse—and Worlds—a Flood— What are they mean? please
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