LCW (27.03.73 / Northumberland, England)

Morning Mis-Hap! -Fun

I rose from my pit at a quarter to six
only sleeping three hours I needed a fix (caffeine)
My eyes were all blurry and filled up with matt
As I stumbled downstairs I tripped over the cat
The poor cat yelped and dashed out through the flap
It wasnt my fault just a simple mis-hap

I bent down in the cupboard just praying for kip
When all of a sudden I heard my pants rip
I stood up too quick, hit my head off the door
Then noticed a yellow sticky patch on the floor
My little cat laughed and yelled 'just go get your tea'
'My cat loo was full and I needed a wee'
Shaking my head I sat down with my drink
'This tastes awfly bitter' I started to think
I returned to the kitchen while drinking it up
Only to find I'd put salt in my bloody cup!

Have you ever had a day like this?

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Comments (7)

LOL...Ok...maybe not a morning exactly like that, as I don't have a cat, but...pretty darn close! ! Fun piece of poetry! Hugs, Dee
Lisa and I thought days like that only happened to me. Lol. Great write made me laugh all the way though. Thanks for pointing me in its direction my friend. Top marks from me. David
Lisa I remember this from your email it made me smile then and even reading it again has made an even better smile, you have so much tallent and to make people laugh is even a better tallent because that is hard to do.Your sense of humor suites the person you are don't ever loose those fun loving ways because they will hold you together until the end of your days.A little piece of wisdom. cheers Sylvie
This is what we need here, you've opened the curtains and let some light and fresh air in, Good for you girl 10 from me Love Duncan X
I needed that smile today, Lisa. Thank you. Very Amusing. Warm regards, Sandra
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