Morning Note 82

Good morning sweet lady
I pray you slept well
and saw me as I visited you
in your dreams.
I needed so badly to see
my sweet precious beautiful lady.
I hope so soon to see
you here in my arms in reality,
I love and miss you so much
my sweet lady Angel.

Have a beautiful day my dear one
and know that I am with you
where ever you are and go,
always hand in hand as I pull you in
saying I love you sweet Kira
you're my everything.
Close your eyes always if you're
feeling lonely and sad,
reach out your hand so I'll know
you need extra strength and support
and I can take ahold,
see my loving smile as all I have
in my heart for you is deep
caring love and admiration too.
You are my Queen and Angel
no other will ever do.

So have the most beautiful
of days and feel all of my prayers
of loving protection.
I will always be right here
for the woman I treasure.
I love you Kira please come so soon,
I miss you my darling and want to
hold you.

by Michael P. McParland

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