Morning Note 87

Good morning sweet love
I hope and pray you are feeling well.
Not so much for me
as this sinus infection
has turned ferocious on me
and I woke up at 2: 30
my head pounding and splitting
with a deep migraine.
So today the doctors for me
to get the medication I need
and some headache killers so needed.

So I must lay back down
to rest my throbbing head
but wanted to say
good morning my love
and I so wish you were here
to cuddle with while
listening to my soothing
classical music,
I'd ask so lovingly
if you would rub my face
and head to help give relief.

Have a wonderful day my dear one
I truly love you so much.
I'll be holding your hand
the whole day and holding you close.

by Michael P. McParland

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