Morning Note 92

Good morning sweet love
I pray you slept well
and felt me there with
my arms wrapped tightly around,
I'm always with you hand in hand.
I just awoke and will
be lying here for awhile more,
I would give anything
to cuddle with you
while sleeping in for a bit.
You're all I want seriously
my only one,
you in my life and arms
are what fulfillment is.
I pray so soon it is our time.

I'm sending you all of
my loving warmth so
feel it surround
and wrap you up.
I'm also sending endless
kisses and hugs to you
my precious one.
I'm right by your side
holding your hand.
I love you so much
you're never alone.
I love you dear darling
may the sun shine upon
you this whole day,
for you I am smiling
because I love you
my lady and want you
to smile as well.
You are everything I'll
ever want and need.

by Michael P. McParland

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