Go hold him their voices sounded silent as in dream
I stood a dumb doll making no move to close in on him
he was there so near me only away an arm's length
but I held my ground frozen sucked of all my strength!

I watched him fall in slow motion transfixed in my place
a frantic appeal in his eyes a disaster looking at his face
if only I had taken one step restored him lost balance
how could I, I was not moving, stayed rooted there in trance!

Grab him they shouted but came their voices from far
a lullaby no wake up call traveling from distant most star
how could I move one step do something to keep him upright
by design I was the most helpless closest to disaster's site!

In that year long minute just one wish haunted my stupored mind
my ears would catch sounds of footsteps of the ones standing behind
someone would catch the falling man reach the site going ahead of me
there was no way would move my feet prevent happening of the calamity!

by Pradip Chattopadhyay

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Wonderful imagery. Thanks for sharing your morning. Patricia Gale
Wonderfully bright and uplifting.Love Duncan