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Morning Walk...
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Morning Walk...

I was about to start,
for a morning walk,
Many things were at Heart,
for which i need to talk.

Talk with nature.
to ask him questions,
n to every question he answered.

I told him, 'how tiring has life been for me'
Nature said, 'No not at all'
I asked, 'Why? '
when a chill fresh breeze,
gently touched my body,
n I felt the freshness.

I agreed n said, 'But i cant smile...'
Nature replied, 'look...'
looking at those golden rays,
striking those fresh new leaves,
and then reflected mildly into my eyes.
I was already smiling.

I agreed n said, 'Why Nobody likes me? '
NAture smiled n showed me birds,
I saw most beautiful of them,
singing all for me,
they were looking at me,
to appreciate n listen to the music,
composed specially for me.

I agreed n asked, 'I am not beautiful...'
Nature laughed n asked me, 'How looks this reflection...'
reflection of rising sun in fresh lake's water,
I smiled n immediately replied, 'Its so beautiful...'
Nature smiled back n said, 'U dont see beauty in yourself...'
Nature continued, '...u see it in others...'

I agreed n said, 'i am not good enough to do somethin' great...'
Nature laughed n held my hand,
As we're walking,
i saw a injured squirrel,
Natured tried to diverge my attention,
but it couldnt,
n i lifted 'it', n decided to fed her.
Nature then smiled n asked, 'What have u done? '

I felt so happy n said, 'Ur so great...'
Nature asked, 'How do u say? '
I said, 'i see it...'
He replied, 'Greatness cannt be seen...'
Its a state,
state in which u cudnt be by just trying,
but only when u decide to be in it.

I smiled,
Nature said, 'I have to go now...'
I said sadly, 'So early...'
He said, '...there is another place on earth, where its not yet morning, n someone like me wud be waiting for him...'
I smiled again n said, 'Good bye! ! ! '

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This is like my Eternal Embrace...it's like you can't BE thoughtful, or sincere either you ARE or AREN'T. :)