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Morpheal Cradle
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Morpheal Cradle

Poem By Andrew Raines

'Let us steal into the fortress of hypnos
And rob this child from the safety of dreams…'
Waken child, raven heralds the dawn
Light shines low, and everything is gone
Taken while, entwined in bitter sleep
Thanatos pray, all their souls to keep.

Until the time, your life you can define
Shrink from the waking day
Hide your sallow face away
Covered in your shell

Safe from this mortal hell
Sleeping safe in your morpheal cradle.
Wake up child, eagle heralds the..: namespace prefix = st1 ns = 'urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: smarttags' />noon
Light is high, and life has come too soon
Can't live while your head is caught in dreams
See it all… burst at the seams

Until the time….

Wake up child, owl heralds the night
Light is gone, your life is in twilight
Azrael comes for you this day
Fool slept your entire life away

Until the time…

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