Morphing It

Welcome to childcare USA
Enroll your precious demons
into the American dream scheme.
Win the lottery or
capture that paean of mediocrity,
a media reality talent show,
become a pedestrian idol.
Hammer your droopy progeny
into soccer league mutants,
hoping for muscular Olympians.
Live vicarious lives in Simpleville,
strive to join a mendacious autocracy,
the bubble brained plutocracy.
Scam the system,
ride the painted plaster equine
on a capitalist’s carousel,
grab that slippery brass ring
from destiny’s pony’s
lucre dripping nose.
Trust your malevolent fate
to a fickle panting whore,
named Mistress Luck.
Hope for virulent infection
from Midas’s tactile affliction.
Eat your monstrous young
and regurgitate a plaque
of proliferate robo scum.

by Duane Robert Pierson

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