AR (6/16/88 / Denver)

Mortality For Superman

You're the only one I ever loved
no matter wrong or right.
You occupied my mind
in the day and in the night.
When in someone elses company
I kept you deep inside.
Though a thousand miles away
you never left my side.
You're the soul I'd always turn to
when I couldn't make it on my own.
The voice of reason in my head.
The greatest man I've ever known.
Of all the walls I'd ever built
you're the one that made them break.
You spent so much time and energy
you broke them flake by flake.
I was the question to your answer;
you, the answer to my call.
I always thought you'd be there
to pick me up when I would fall.
The day you took my hand
was the day you stole my heart;
but when you took your final breath,
my whole world broke apart.
So many times I told myself,
it was all inside my head.
But there you were all the same...
I can't believe you're dead.

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