Every breath you take, every time you get up and want to go to the lake,
Every time you talk all you do is lie, don't worry you have to answer to God He is here just look up beyond the sky.
Every time you wake up, do you thank God or do you realize what you did and try to fix it.
When you get up do you thank God you're alive, or do you really not care, you're just worried how your going to survive.
God gives us choices it's up to us to know between right and wrong, if you would love God and do the right thing you will realize your days would be so much easier.
God knows when you're happy or sad, so why do we blame him, do we really get that mad and hurt?
I don't know why God does what he does and we never will, all I know is that I will always trust and follow him.

Written By
Shirley A Loftis

by Shirley Loftis

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