She visits me when the lights are out,
when the sun is loving another
part of the world.

She passes through the net I sleep underlike
a cloud its holes are easily navigable.

Her buzzing tells me that
she doesn't want my legsarmscheeks
or chest.


She craves adventurewanting to travel through
the dark canalthe spiraling cave
where earthquakes are wind.

Her prize is in sightthe gelatinous mass controlling this machine.
How beautiful she thinks it isher needle mouth
filling with water.

Her children will know physicsgeometrywill understand
EnglishSpanishperhaps Portuguese. They will be
haunted their whole lives by treesguns
and a boom that won't cease.

She cries before drinkingthe fluid is
salty-sweet. Oh if my mother had
done this for meI would have lived.

by Myronn Hardy

Comments (2)

This poem is simple yet it so perfect.well done
I liked the poem. Some of the words ran together. I wasn't sure of the effect of that. I like it when words are mixed and turned around and sometimes run together so that they roll off the tongue. But I wasn't sure about the choice of words running together in this poem. I would like to see more. Thank you.