Poem By Chris Feng

Welcome back, you happy spirits!
Yours songs that were heard
By the ancient soldiers
Who were far away from home
And by the poor peasants
At rest after their toil,
Are again heard in this summer.
You happily fly to and fro
To quench your thirst.
Your bellies begin to be filled
With blood of diverse sources.
The mouths that sting,
The buzzes that rejoice.
You poor little creatures have power
To make giants groan.
Your cheerful hums echo
Mankind’s painful moan.
You two are natural enemies.
They curse you as bloodsuckers
And even put their anger in action.
But you will forever live on this planet
As long as Mankind hasn’t stopped

Comments about Mosquitoes

So small are mosquitoes yet they can cause a great amount Of suffering.nice poem here
The poem, 'Mosquitoes' is good, V.K.Kanniappan

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